3 Major Types Of Door Locks You Can Install

door-locks-can-installNo matter, your home is small or large, ensuring its security is the need of the hour. Door locks are one of the most important aspects that play a great role in delivering the peace of mind and security you need. Nowadays, digital lock systems and keyless locks have replaced the traditional locks due to their modern and enhanced features. When it comes to buying new door locks, making the right choice is quite frustrating.

Some of the lock types you can consider for installation are:

  1. Deadbolts

    If your home is located in a burglary prone area, choosing the deadbolts can turn out to be a worthy investment. They are highly durable and affordable locks which are generally installed on the external doors and comes with a few more options compared to others. There are primarily three varieties of deadbolts i.e. single, double, and lockable thumb turn. Deadbolts are almost impossible to be damaged or break-through. They are composed of a key cylinder on the outer side and a thumb turn on the inner.

  2. Padlocks

    The other most common locks that are preferred by homeowners is the padlocks. They are available in two main varieties, namely combination and keyed. Depending upon the durability and size, these portable locks are popular for their cost-effective prices. The combination keypad locks are composed of more than one dials and open up only when the right combination code is entered. In contrast, keyed padlocks utilize keys in order to lock and unlock the door.

  3. Knob Locks

    Knob locks are frequently installed in the homes and usually with the deadbolts. They are the primary source of door security. These locks can be easily picked or hammered by the burglars, which makes them more prone to intruder attacks. Make sure whenever you use the knob lock, install it in association with padlocks or deadbolts.

These are the most common varieties of door locks that you can consider installing to enhance the security of your home. If you are looking for an emergency locksmith service, feel free to contact us at Sherwood Park 24/7 Locksmith.

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