4 Common Reasons: Why Car Key Is Not Functioning?

4 Common Reasons: Why Car Key Is Not Functioning?A car key is your smart key which gives you an access and ideal opportunity to operate your vehicle. But the major problem arises when your car keys are not working with the lock at the time when you are in the need of rushing somewhere. A moment when your keys are not functioning, means you are locked out of your car. It may be a problem with the broken lock or due to a damaged key. The only solution to recall a professional locksmith who can easily figure out the root of a problem.

You can look for some of the common reasons why your car key is not working:

  1. Damaged Car Lock: When you get to know that your car key is functioning properly with lock, the foremost problem may be with the broken car lock. This complication usually comes with the older model car which requires a key instead of a keyless entry remote. The common issue that reflects with the car door is may be faulty or worn out lock which emits the keys to open it.
  2. Default Car Keys: The another reason may be the broken or default car keys. Usually, the car keys get damaged due to improper maintenance of the locks and due to which car keys are not able to operate on the internal lock mechanism.
  3. Faulty Key Fob: A key fob gives communication between the transmitter and receiver and if one of these components get damaged, then your car key will not work on the locks. One can also face issue with the damaged internal wiring whose role is to knocking the internal components.
  4. Remote Issue: If your vehicle is not responding according to commands and signals which are sent by the keyless remote, then it may be due to the dead batteries. Once you get to know that your car key is not working due to worn out key fob batteries, then you must replace them with the help of a locksmith.

If your car keys are not working at some emergency point, then must hire a professional locksmith. He can help you by properly diagnosing the issue and provide you a fair solution. For your damaged keys or locks, you can hire our professional locksmiths at Sherwood Park 24/7 Locksmith.