4 Proven Security Tips To Prevent Car Break-Ins

4 Proven Security Tips To Prevent Car Break-Ins With burglars taking advantage of modern technologies, not only home or office, even vehicle break-ins are becoming common. Did you ever faced a car break-in? If not, you are lucky until now, but this luckiness may not always stand by your side.

Since vehicles usually come with inbuilt security locks, their owners ignore to follow protective measures that ensure their car’s safety. Moreover, some individuals leave their expensive belongings inside the vehicles that compel the burglars to forcibly unlock a door lock. In case, any of the window screen is cracked or left opened, it is an open invitation for crooks to pick your belongings.

Some of the simple ways to avoid forced vehicle break-ins are:

  1. Park in a secured parking lot: If you regularly go to your office in a car, then make sure you park it inside a secured parking area that is close to your office. This can be done by reaching your workplace a little early, so that you can get a space that is most safe. A far off parking lot can pose a car stealing threat, especially for those who work late night.
  1. Choose a well lit parking spot: If you work for night shifts, there is need to concentrate more on your car’s security. Always choose a well lightened parking spot to prevent intruder attacks. Most of the burglaries happen during night, since its easy for criminals to steal and dissipate in the dark. By parking your car in a well lit space, one can scare away the crooks as they won’t get enough of dark room to hide themselves.
  1. Secure the car keys: One of the easiest way to break inside a car is by stealing the ignition keys. To save your vehicle from being carried away, its advised to keep your vehicle keys at a safe and secure place i.e. inside your pocket or bag. Always carry a spare car key with you to prevent being locked out. Avoid hiding spare keys at common places such as under the seat or in the tray as burglars are well aware of these spots.
  1. Stay active and alert: Before getting inside your vehicle during dark, stay active. Walk around the car and look under the rear seat to check if a criminal may have stumbled in, while you were away. It always recommended to stay alert, since mishaps do come without a door knock.

If you are really worried about the security of your car, follow the above given measures. In case, your car door lock is damaged, consider replacing it from our professional automotive locksmiths in Sherwood Park.