Locksmith and Duplicate Keys- What Is The Relation Between Them?

Locksmith and Duplicate Keys- What Is The Relation Between Them?It may sound silly to you, but it is possible. At times, customers have doubt that some locksmiths might use up their duplicate keys to enter their house without their permission in their absence. 
This is not something to cringe upon; instead, one should be cautious about their property- whether it is residential or commercial. Some of the customers have a nagging doubt that it is likely to happen and it is quite possible too.

Do Locksmiths Have A Cabinet Full Of Keys?
First of all, this is absolutely impractical. So, the answer is NO! Some customers might feel that when a locksmith Sherwood Park 24/7 locksmith makes a spare set of keys for the owner, they might even keep one for themselves- may be just in case! Generally, it is rare to happen but even if it does, then the locksmith servicing at your house will have to literally run away not from your place but from the entire neighborhood to not get caught. And, this is not really an option for any locksmith as putting an entire life at jeopardy for this little sake makes no sense. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for any locksmith to have an extra set of keys of your property. Also, if you lose your set of keys and call the locksmith Sherwood Park to send you another one, it cannot happen because there is no extra set of keys. Of course, locksmiths can help you with the new key but not by providing you the key.

Liability of Keeping Keys
Now, keeping those keys would also mean a huge responsibility for us. And, if those keys fall into the wrong hands, then the emergency locksmith Sherwood Park will be held responsible. Thus, the locksmiths tend to avoid any such circumstances where they can be held responsible for some crime. And, therefore, there seems to be no practical reason why a locksmith will have a duplicate set of keys of your property. There is clearly no benefit to the locksmith to offset the adjunct risks.

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