Pros & Cons Of Biometric Locks You Should Know

Pros & Cons Of Biometric Locks You Should KnowAre you planning to install modern locks that guarantee more safety than traditional ones? If yes, then digital and biometric locks are the ones you should consider installing. Biometric locks are also known as fingerprint locks because they involve the use of fingerprints to unlock a door. They are considered one of the effective lock systems that greatly protects your property against intruder attacks and forced break-ins.

Biometric locks make use of a scanning mechanism which scans your finger and matches the fingerprint with those stored in the lock memory. If they match, the door will open up itself. Since everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages, biometric locks are not less than ordinary. Before making a final decision of biometric lock installation, its advised to know about its features and limitations.

Pros of biometric locks:

  • Keyless door locks: Unlike traditional locks, biometric locks are keyless. This means they do not require keys to open or close them. Instead, they support a fingerprint scanning mechanism that ensures that your main door is not accessed by an authorized person. Moreover, it mitigates the issue of lost or misplaced keys.
  • Difficult to override:Fingerprint locks have an inbuilt storage memory that stores the details of scanned fingerprints of all authorized users or family members. They are generally difficult or nearly impossible to be overridden by a criminal which results in more safety and security.

Cons of biometric locks:

  • Power failure: One of the biggest limitation of biometric locks is that they don’t operate during power failures. This means you may get locked out of your property in the absence of electricity. One needs to install UPS to allow this lock to perform during the power shortage.
  • Enroll everyone: To make sure that your family or friends can access your home in your absence, you may need to enroll the fingerprints of each one of them. This hectic process can flood the lock’s inbuilt memory, thereby resulting in slow performance.

Though biometric locks are very secure and affordable, its better advised to go through their benefits and limitations before choosing them for installation. If you are looking for a reliable emergency locksmith in Sherwood Park to install or replace the existing door locks, look no further than our local lock and key experts at Sherwood Park 24/7 Locksmith.

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