Why and When Replace Locks in Your Home

Why and When Replace Locks in Your HomeInstalling a proper security system in your house is important to keeping your valuables and family members safe from intruders. Often people forget about to change the door locks when they move into a new house. Do you know a properly locked door is the only security system you have between your valuables and the outside world? When the lock of the door fails to perform, your belongings and family members are no longer secure.

It is highly recommended to change or rekey your locks to ensure that no one have any spare copies of your home keys. Except moving, there are various other circumstances when you need to replace your door locks. Below are some reasons when you should consider replacing the door lock.

  1. Lost your keys: It is highly recommended by professionals that you replace or rekey your door locks if your keys have been stolen or you have lost your keys. When you lose the keys, probably you don’t have any idea when or where you lost them. To ensure your house is safe from intruders after losing keys, you should change or rekey locks as soon as possible.
  1. After a break in: Have you ever experienced a break in? If so, then have you changed lock of your house? Do you know it is very important to re-keying your house after a break in? A damaged lock can put you and your family at a higher risk of another break in or robbery.
  1. You have moved: It is great that you bought a new house. But you need to re-key your house after moving. It is crucial for the security of your family members. If you are renting a room or an apartment, make sure old tenants don’t have keys.
  1. Wear and tear: Rusted or worn locks are an easy way to get entry into your house. If your lock has signs of wear and tear, rust and also has severe tarnish, it means it is the right to replace your locks.
  1. Divorce or break up: Ending a marriage or a relationship is a very difficult time for everyone. Sometimes the end of a relationship is amicable. After ending your marriage with your spouse, change or re-key your locks to ensure the safety of your family.

To protect your love once, these are some preventative tips that need to be taken into consideration. Re-keying your house or installing new locks will help you prevent a burglary in your house. In an emergency situation, immediately call our professional locksmiths at Sherwood Park 24/7 Locksmith.

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